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Our Facilities

Yarmouth Bar Fisheries

International & Domestic Sales Office

Yarmouth Bar Fisheries specializes in the shipping and purchasing of high quality seafood from across Nova Scotia. As a result of success with the international markets, Yarmouth Bar Fisheries successfully prospers worldwide. Yarmouth Bar is known for its top quality seafood product.

This is the main sales office for all Glooscap Seafood, Seakist Lobster, and Yarmouth Bar Fisheries products. 


The Facility is located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at the footsteps of the Bay of Fundy. 

Seakist Lobster

Processing & Holding Facility

Seakist Lobster is the holding facility for our fresh live lobster. The facility is state-of-the-art, with the ability to keep lobster alive for long period of time while retaining the top quality we are known for. 

Our facility has the ability to store over 250,000 lbs of live lobster and is home to a 74 kw solar array. 

Located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Glooscap Fisheries


We own our own vessels that harvest lobster and tuna in their respective season. Our vessels are state of the art with the latest technologies. Glooscap Fisheries currently owns licenses including lobster, soft clams, tuna, swordfish, groundfish, and blood worm.

Metagen, Cape St. Mary's, and Liverpool are our home ports for our fishing vessels. Image to the left is the Chief Rita Smith, Glooscap's newest vessel which was launched in 2021. It was named in honour of Glooscap First Nation's first Chief, Rita Smith. It harvests both lobster and tuna. More information can be found here.

Glooscap Seafood Market

Seafood Retail

Coming Soon! The Market at Glooscap Landing will sell all of our premium seafood products to consumers! Keep posted for updates!

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