Our Story


100% Native American

Fishing For Generations

Indigenous Inspired, Canadian Crafted seafood products by the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada. The Mi'kmaq natives are the nomadic people who fed on fish from the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Fundy, and the many rivers that snake across Nova Scotia, Canada. For generations the Mi'kmaq set up camps along the seaside coast line and fished for food and trade. The Mi'kmaq have been doing this for over 10,000 years!

Glooscap Seafood is run by the descendants of those early fishermen and in the spirit of living in good harmony with nature, Glooscap Seafood has chosen to bring their lobsters to the world - using the most sustainable methods of fishing. Glooscap Seafood is a 100% Indigenous community owned business. We have our own vessels that catch Lobster and Tuna. We then process that seafood in our facility in Yarmouth. We control the entire process from catch to your plate. 

We ship internationally as well as domestically. Please give our sales team a call for more information on our services.