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Live Lobster

We have Live Bay of Fundy Hard-Shelled lobster 365 days a year!

Fresh and Frozen Fish

Fillets, whole, or cut to your specifications! Haddock, Cod, Turbot, Ocean Perch, Boston Blue ... the list is endless. We handle anything that lives in the Bay of Fundy ocean.



Soft-Shelled Clams, Clam Meat, Periwinkles, Nova Scotia Mussels, & Local Scallops.

Products Change Daily. 

Fresh Atlantic Farmed Salmon
Local and fresh!
Fresh Scallops

Locally caught and ready to ship the very next day.

Fresh North Atlantic Halibut

Whole, Filleted, Steaked ... you decide!

Swordfish / Tuna / Shark
Call for Prices and Availability
Lobster and Tuna are caught by our own fishing vessels. 
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